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I’m a Former Professional Basketball Player, Athlete, and currently certified as a CSCS, CPT, PES & CES. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people and athletes overcome issues like knee pain, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, sciatic pain, hip stiffness, hip impingement, IT Band Syndrome, SI (sacroiliac joint) joint pain. Performance limitations like running, squatting, deadlifting, lunging, bench pressing, and overhead pressing without having them use any of the traditional rehab methods that you would typically use, like static stretching.

20 Years Of Achilles Pain Gone! 

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Watch How I Help Former 2019 WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne With Her Lower Back Pain

Traditional methods like stretching or getting a message can’t get past the idea that it takes more than just this to help someone achieve their performance goals without limitations or pain.

It takes more than just that; it takes more of a holistic approach. One of the approaches that traditional methods do not even consider is how well you breathe. Breathing better does wonders, and if you combine that with better movement, higher-level performance exercises, and a step-by-step logical plan. You can achieve long-lasting change so you can get back to running, jumping, lunging, squatting, playing your favorite sports, exercising, strength training, biking, deadlifting, and so on.

Here Are A Few More Incredible Stories From Other Athletes Who Have Tried Traditional Performance & Therapy Programs But Never Got Great Results!

Golfer Plays A Round Of Golf Without Lower Back Or Hip Pain. He Has Tried Every Health Professional. 

Former Pro Football Players Play More Football Again Without Sciatic Pain or Hip Issues!

Athletic Trainer & Former Volleyball Player With Chronic Knee Pain Finally Runs Again! 

Personal Trainer With Hip & Lower Back (SI Joint) Issues Gone After Using Breathing Techniques. Then Squats 385lbs With No Problem!